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There are many courses available for you and many under process. The complete courses are CCNA LAB configuration. Courses under process including Android, Digital Marketing, and many more.

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EIHeducation Everything Is Here is the company that deals in education, digital marketing, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, etc. The main goal of our company is to teach some IT technologies for free. We will help you to learn as well as to crack some IT certifications.

Cisco certification is now on demand, but CCNA is the core or base certification which is mandatory. Here you will learn CCNA theory through our website including LAB Configurations, Also, you can watch videos on our YouTube channel.

MCSA is mandatory if you want to work in a corporation. Every organization required CCNA and MCSA employees. But if you do both CCNA + MCSA, it will add advantage.

You have a choice between MCSA and Linux. If you want to work on GUI, go for MCSA, and if you want to work on CLI, go for Linux. Here also, CCNA will add advantage.


Apart from networking and servers, Android is also booming, and Android has a futuristic language. You can build an Android app for yourself and publish it on Google Play, or you can build an app for your client or company.

Digital Marketing is one of the most powerful things for this and upcoming generations. Every business is moving to online marketing. There is a huge scope as a digital marketer.


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June 09 at 09:00 AM

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Here you will find our courses including CCNA, Android, Digital Marketing, etc.

2 to 4 routers video course

4 routers series video course

3 router series video course

Basic Hardware Course

Basic fundamentals of Hardware

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Social Science

Android Projects

We’re working on static Android projects because when you understand the concepts and build small projects at the beginning, it will boost your confidence.











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Money Making Tips

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Required Tools that Make Money

We all want to be rich, that is why we are stuck in trouble and lost money. Here you will find genuine ways to earn money that require hard work and skill. We will tell you a free way to earn money (hard work + skills) and a paid way to earn money (Hard work + Ads campaign).

Your Future Starts Here.

Dream big, choose your career wisely, here is an opportunity that you need to grab it. Remember you will have to learn till your last breath because day by day technology is evolving. We need to upgrade our self to compete with others or to survive.